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Alternative modes

Nicolas Nuyttens

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Nicolas NUYTTENS - Certu

Most daily journeys are only a few kilometres in distance. Although many studies have shown that bicycles are a good solution for short distances, and Urban Transportation Plans now encourage this mode of transport, the car remains very popular and restrictions imposed upon it seem to work in favour of motorised two-wheel transport, at least in and around Paris. In addition, the French population is getting older : a third of the population will be over 65 by 2020. Research and innovation should therefore be focused on alternative means of transport that take current sustainable development concerns into account – saving energy, space and reducing noise – as well as the expectations of our fellow citizens. An electrically-powered bicycle goes at around the same speed as a normal bicycle but with less effort, which makes a huge difference. The international market for electric bikes and scooters is developing. It is important to note this and monitor the trend, to spread the use of these modes of transport so that everyone can choose the best mode of transport for them, depending on their age, abilities, and the distances they have to travel : walking, bicycles, electric two-wheeled vehicles or public transport, all of which are complementary and well suited to travel in built-up areas.

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