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Concertation and promotion

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Any mode of transport seeking to replace the car must appear modern, new, efficient and environmentally friendly. This is the case today not only for tramways, but also for certain BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) services, for which special efforts in terms of public relations have been made (e.g. BusWay in Nantes, TEOR in Rouen). The promotion of public transport in this way must begin at the project consultation phase, a key stage in any new development. The aim of this consultation phase is not only to find out what the public wants, but also to propose new and innovative services in order to win over future customers and encourage people to change the way they get around. At a time when image is everything, it is vital that public transport maintains an attractive image so that inhabitants try it out and adopt it ; however, these forms of transport must also be efficient, to ensure that new users become regular users.

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