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Mobility Management

Muriel Mariotto

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Muriel Mariotto - Certu

Are we obsessed with our cars ? Permanent availability of a motor vehicle can, unfortunately, lead to abusive use : short journeys around town in spite of the existence of public transport services, bicycles and walking ; long interurban journeys in spite energy-saving train services ; individual journeys when they could be made with others – i.e. carpooling – or sharing the use of a vehicle – car time-share. Changing travel habits requires personal effort and a lot of public information to make people aware of the need to manage their daily transport needs. Mobility advice involves providing information on alternative means of transport to private vehicles and encouraging their use : advice on the place of activity – for employees, students, visitors, patients, etc. – through business travel plans known as PDE initiatives, or directly with the population, who can take advantage of the services of a transport centre or customised marketing campaigns. Mobility management is at the crossroads between urban policy on transportation, town planning, housing and the environment. It works in synergy with other initiatives, such as transport safety, environmental management and town planning cycles.

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