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Roads and roads traffic

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Among the many criteria that, rightly or wrongly, lead people to use their car on a regular basis, let us consider two in particular : the speed of travel and the possibility of being able to park upon arrival.One key solution for making public transport more attractive with regard to private vehicles is the creation of dedicated corridors (e.g. bus lanes or segregated tramways). This is necessary to ensure that public transport does not become caught up in traffic jams ; however, this alone is not enough to ensure acceptable speeds, reliability and comfort. As a general rule, there must also be a system in place that ensures priority at traffic lights, meaning that public transport is required to stop less frequently and is therefore able to ensure a faster, more comfortable and more reliable service along the whole of its route.The other key factor for encouraging public transport use over private cars is parking restrictions in town and city centres. However, it must be remembered that different types of parking exist (residents’ parking, parking for visitors, commuter parking). Residents’ parking takes place mostly at night-time and is not a major problem. Parking for visitors is a sector to be developed, as it represents generally short-stay parking linked to economic activity (shopping, business, leisure, etc.). The main "culprit" here is commuter parking, i.e. people who work in the city centre and travel to work by car. These vehicles remain parked all day long and monopolise public space in the city ; it is therefore upon these users that restrictions must be imposed.

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