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Accessibility for people with reduced mobility

Guidance for blind and visually impaired people (NAVWORK)


This report is a review of a trial of an urban mobility assistance tool for blind and visually impaired people. The work also examined the research on good practices developed by the drivers on line 92 to welcome visually impaired customers.

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The project was divided into several phases and aimed to:

* Verify the possibility of being able to assist visually impaired people effectively on journeys combining walking and bus journeys.

* Identify key determinants of quality in the service relationship for blind and visually impaired passengers,

* Identify the good practices developed by the drivers on line 92 to welcome blind and visually impaired customers.

* Analyse the extent to which the scheme complemented the various passenger information systems used by the RATP (auditory announcements at stops, websites, etc.)

Objectifs (Impacts attendus sur le système de déplacement)

The aims of the project were, on the one hand, to gather feedback from users of NavWorks, but also, for the RATP, to carry out a broader survey of the welcome offered to visually impaired people on its bus routes. Prior to defining the journeys, a study was carried out by the CECIAA on the accessibility of bus stops on line 92.

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