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Accessibility of public transport networks in Lyon and Stuttgart.


This research project, funded as part of the Predit programme, aims to shed light on the social, administrative and technical mechanisms that have either a positive or negative impact on the policy of improving the accessibility of public transport networks in Lyon and Stuttgart.

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The degree of accessibility of these two networks is first set out according to the types of network and modes of transport. The measures examined relate both to people with reduced mobility and those more specific to disabled people. The second part of the report is devoted to national accessibility policies, in order to determine how the policies observed in Lyon and Stuttgart correspond to the implementation of a broader national policy. Particular attention is paid to objectives, the target audience, preferred tools and monitoring of public policy. A detailed examination of the situation in Lyon and Stuttgart shows that accessibility to transport for disabled people is a public problem with multiple constraints and challenges. It is clear that the structural organisation of social demand and its means of expression play a crucial role in the development of local policy. This is also contingent, however, on past technical and political choices. An analysis of the networks in Lyon and Stuttgart also reveals that the legitimacy of the legal mechanism depends heavily on the technical credibility of its recommendations. Specialist transport services are also a component in the local accessibility policy: their level of service, pricing and eligibility conditions are all levers in the hands of the transport authority to orient the behaviour of disabled people. Finally, local accessibility policies are also influenced by diverse cultural and other factors, as can be observed in the type of colour palette used in buses and on tactile paving.


  • Nom/Titre : Claude Marin-Lamellet Eric Heyrman
  • Organisme : National Institute for Research into Transport and Transport Safety
  • Adresse : 25 avenue Mitterrand, Case no. 24 - 69675 Bron Cédex
  • Email : claude.marin-lamellet@inrets.fr and eric.heyrman@inrets.fr