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Building databases for driving aids- ARCOS programme


Cartographic databases for driving aids are a representation of the road network and its environment in digital form. They are mainly used to calculate a route and guide a driver during his journey. The direct application of these database today is to be found in on-board navigation systems.
In the ARCOS project we have explored what these cartographic databases can provide in terms of road safety . The study involved improvements and developments to be made to them.

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We worked both to improve existing databases with a view to improving safety and also to provide examples of applications.

Improvement to the databases is made via the content, which may be static (more accurate geometry, new attributes), or dynamic (advanced mechanisms for updating the contents for information that varies with time); it also involves more accurate localisation of the vehicle on the map made necessary by safety requirements.

We have worked on databases supplied by NAVTEQ, exploitable via proprietary software for developing driving aids, called ADASRP.

The important points were methodological (some new attributes to be added to the databases and how to collect these) and practical (acquisition campaigns on ARCOS tracks for integration into existing databases, and communication with other software used such as RTMAPS).

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PREDIT n° 01 MT 85 (Operational group n° 4)



By the end of this project, we have determined and specified a list of attributes useful for safety, chosen a subset of these attributes and collected numerical data on the routes selected, made the link between the ADASRP software and the RTMAPS software (used for prototyping on-board applications), and developed and tested the dynamic updating of database attributes.

From the standpoint of application software, we have tested the use of databases enriched for two safety applications: le Système d’Alerte Excessive en Approche de Virage (SAVV) (alert system warning of excessive speed when approaching a bend) and the Horizon Electronique Avancé (advanced electronic horizon).


  • Nom/Titre : François Goulette
  • Organisme : ENSMP
  • Email : goulette@caor.ensmp.fr
  • Contact ministère : Laurent Ricci - MTETM / DRAST - laurent.ricci@developpement-durable.gouv.fr

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