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Development of the Hybrid Microbus


There are currently no multi-service clean vehicles specifically designed for public transport, which can function both as a means of "urban transport" (22 passengers including one wheelchair user) and transport for people with reduced mobility (three wheelchair users plus their helpers). The study relates to the building of a "microbus" (22 seats) with a hybrid engine located in the front of the vehicle which means the passenger compartment can have a flat, low floor throughout.

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PREDIT - group GO 10


The methodology involved both developing the vehicle (total accessibility, modularity, hybridisation) and at the same time running a series of trials managed by a group of transport authorities and major public transport operators in order to check the suitability of the Microbus for new urban transport services.

GRUAU is managing the project and manufacturing the Microbus.

Financement - Ressources

agreement 01 MT 83


The development of the Microbus and the associated trials have provided an opportunity to ensure the vehicle is suitable for new services (in particular the Microbus's degree of flexibility for providing services of a varied nature):

- Transport of people with reduced mobility: wheelchair users, elderly people, blind people, etc.

- Neighbourhood routes: creation of neighbourhood routes to reduce car traffic at the local level.

- Organisation of routes on request in urban or peri-urban environments.

All with a hybrid Microbus that is less polluting (in terms of noise and consumption) than a thermal equivalent and with a more welcoming design (low floor, easy access, comfort when travelling, etc.).


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  • Organisme : GRUAU LAVAL - BP 4219 - 53942 St BERTHEVIN Cedex
  • Email : sophie.maitrallain@gruau.com
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