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Electric scooter rental



An electric scooter rental system has been set up in Rome. Rental stations are located close to Park & Ride facilities, in order to encourage intermodality. In total, 400 docking terminals have been installed in the city, including 60 with "quick charge" capabilities. Rental costs €1.30 per hour for the first two hours, with regressive rates thereafter. Motorists who leave their cars at Park & Ride facilities can benefit from a flat rate of €1.80 per hour, covering both parking and scooter rental.

Année d'élaboration :


Origine (géographique, historique, économique, sociale…) :


Rome, ITALY Rome’s mobility management department introduced this service in December 1999, initially with 300 scooters based at the Villa Borghese Park & Ride site, followed by 100 additional scooters in January 2000 at Piazzale dei Partigiani.



To increase the number of scooters available to Rome residents, a subsidy to cover around 50% of the purchase price of a brand-new scooter is to be made available. Furthermore, users benefit from other facilities such as unlimited access to the city centre (which is closed to cars), scooter-only lanes and designated scooter parking.

Objectifs (Impacts attendus sur le système de déplacement)


To reduce the number of cars in the city centre, by offering access using a zero-emission transport mode. The 400 scooters and docking terminals need to win over residents and encourage them to access the city centre using this alternative means of transport, which produces no exhaust emissions. In addition, having higher numbers of this type of vehicle present in the city centre reinforces the idea behind this project, which is to gradually move from a transport mode that pollutes (the car) to a mode that is more environmentally friendly – and kinder on old cobbled streets (the electric scooter).

Financement - Ressources


The service is funded by Rome City Council, which obtained €1.8 million from the Italian government as part of the "Urgent measures for Jubilee 2000" programme.



The service has already proved a success, with some 9,500 rental contracts concluded following the launch of the project: 8,000 fee-paying subscriptions and 1,500 promotional subscriptions during the initial trial period as part of "car-free Sundays".


  • Nom/Titre : Mr Pierluigi Aloia
  • Organisme : Sustainable Mobility Systems Unit, STA (Rome Mobility Agency)
  • Adresse : Via Ostiense 131/L – 00154 ROME – Italy
  • Email : p.aloia@sta.roma.it