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"Espaces Logistiques Urbains" (ELU) - federating action


The aim of this research was to identify the operations that are likely to appear as references in terms of the development of locations for the circulation of merchandise in town. The decision-makers are now aware of the need to act, but they are often at a loss to answer the question : what needs to be done ? The aim of this approach is to guide them in choosing resources to meet with the economic, functional and environmental challenges related to the increasing flow of merchandise.

Année d'élaboration :




The service was programmed in three stages:

  • assessing E.L.U. needs  as expressed by the urban areas, whatever the form of this equipment and wherever the project is based;
  • assisting local authorities in their desire for action (feasibility studies, programming, etc..) in order to carry out experiments that can be analysed;
  • writing up information sheets on the E.L.U.s for all those involved in urban logistics.

Financement - Ressources

PREDIT 01 MT 91 (Operational group n° 5)


One has to admit to a lack of experimentation, which was the only means by which assessment could be made. While the subject is of great interest to towns, few have actually got round to setting up the operation.

A single project has been funded directly by the E.L.U. programme: the local delivery area (Espace de Livraison de Proximité - ELP) implemented in Bordeaux and running since February 2003.

The lack of data concerning E.L.U.s in operation has meant that we have had to stress:

  • knowledge of what an urban logistic space can be.
  • monitoring all public or private initiatives
  • keeping in contact with local authorities.


  • Nom/Titre : Daniel Boudouin
  • Organisme : CRET-LOG
  • Adresse : 413, avenue Gaston Berger 13 625 AIX
  • Email : boudouin@univ-aix.fr
  • Contact ministère : Michel Julien - MTETM / DRAST / MT Paris La Défense

Informations complémentaires

Autres :

To accompany urban logistic spaces as they are set up, a methodological guide "les espaces logistiques urbains" (urban logistic spaces) has been published by the French documentation service. See attached presentation.


Documentation française - présentation