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Funding urban public transport - How do things stand in late 2007 ? - What is the outlook ?



This study proposes a quantitative and qualitative assessment, from a macro-economic standpoint followed by some detailed accounts of urban areas which have recently set up public transport using dedicated lanes.

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Study carried out by:

- the ACUF (Association of urban communities in France),

- the AMGVF (Association of city mayors in France),

- and the GART (Group of authorities responsible for public transport),

- in partnership with the Groupe Caisse d'Epargne.



The contents page has the following headings:

1 - Statement to end of 2007 and outlook for the funding of urban public transport

2 - Continuous growth of urban public transport

3- What sources of funding are available for public transport using dedicated lanes? 

4 - Appendix: Changes in the transport tax (not including Île-de-France)


  • Organisme : GART - 22 rue de Palestro - 75002 Paris - Tel : 01 40 41 18 37

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The GART is an association of councillors representing 252 transport authorities (in urban areas, départements and regions). Its aim: to improvement travel and the development of public transport in France
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