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Inventory of innovative mobility services in Europe


Initiatives in terms of innovative services in urban or regional surface transport in Europe are legion. They provide advice, online information or a service guarantee. They develop accessibility services in multimodal “bouquets”. The mobility services studied cross-reference the various modes of transport, go over the eight criteria of the “European standard for public transport service quality” and may be provided by operators, authorities, associations or industries.

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 PREDIT - topic group 4.1 

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An analysis grid - the same for each case - was prepared before the research work began. The following countries were reviewed: Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Finland, France (including overseas territories), Great Britain, Italy, Norway, Netherlands and Sweden.
Some key areas were given particular attention: the problem of the elderly or people with impaired mobility, social integration, alternative transport, time management in cities.

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PREDIT contract 01 MT55



A range of easily-consultable and comparable cards. The final report is made up of 5 main chapters, by distinct modes: walking, two-wheeled vehicles, public transport, car, mixed modes.

Research reveals that society in 2002 moved irreversibly into in the era of online services. The “no contact” system is another spectacular leap forward in new generation mobility services. The development of technologies and customer orientation provides answers to individual transport, public individual transport and local mobility issues. The risks of geographical or social exclusion are kept to a minimum by this.


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