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KOM FRAM, a real-time information system for public transport


KOM FRAM is an initiative of the "Traffic and Public Transport Committee" in the town of Gothenburg. The principle behind KOM FRAM is to be able to pinpoint the location of a given vehicle at any time and to predict where it will be at a given moment with an extremely high degree of precision. All the information available is centralised in a shared database, which can send useful information to motorists, passengers, fleet managers and the traffic management service at any time.

Année d'élaboration :


Origine (géographique, historique, économique, sociale…) :

Gothenburg, SWEEDEN - 1996


Users like to know where the bus they are waiting for is and to be able to follow its position on a monitor in real time. They also like being able to be in some sense "stakeholders" in decision-making through the information they themselves pass on to the GoTIC (Gothenburg Traffic Control and Information Centre).

Objectifs (Impacts attendus sur le système de déplacement)

Plan, evaluate and control the flow of vehicles, their position, the number of passengers and the budget rapidly and with a high degree of precision. KOM FRAM also gives priority to buses and trams on the streets of Gothenburg. KOM FRAM stores projected data on the departure times from each access point as well as any service disruptions and the reasons for them; this information is transmitted on board vehicles and to access points via electronic displays and loudspeaker systems as well as via the Internet. Finally, KOM FRAM is used to compile traffic statistics and provides information to the GoTIC project, which is the operational research and field trial organisation responsible for providing guidance and information to all public transport users, motorists and other road users. Road traffic management is essential at a time when traffic jams are forming with ever-increasing frequency. Detailed, real-time information becomes essential. The GoTIC uses cutting-edge technologies so that all road users, whether they are making personal journeys or travelling for work, the media and the authorities have optimal, constantly updated information and can act accordingly. The same information is also published on the Internet and is universally accessible.


The GoTIC is used just as much to respond to questions from the public as it is contacted by users who wish to share their remarks and ideas for improving a particular situation they have experienced.


  • Nom/Titre : Mr Jonas Johansson, Director General - Mr Jan-Olof Berndtsson, Manager, Traffic Control Policy
  • Organisme : Traffic and Public Transport Authority
  • Adresse : Box 2403, SE 403 16 Gothenburg- SWEDEN
  • Email : jonas.johansson@trafikkontoret.goteborg.se

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- other The web page address for the KOM FRAM system is www.trafikkontoret.goteborg.se. Detailed information about the system can be found in "Some examples from Sweden – Public Transport International 1/1998" - UITP database.

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