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Moboscopie (a compilation of survey findings)


Compile and analyse numerous surveys carried out in France on urban mobility. Attempt to provide a comprehensive and transparent assessment of changes in public opinion over the last decade.

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PREDIT - topic group 4.1


Compilation of a wide range of opinion polls and quantitative surveys on urban travel and transport. Only surveys carried out between 1995 and 2000 which offered the necessary guarantees of reliability in the way they had been constructed were included. Responses reflecting public opinion were compared with responses from elected representatives and managers in the transport sector.

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Report 01 MT 54


There is a consistent discrepancy between the travel practices of the French and the opinions they express when discussing the major problems of urban living.

Urban travel was a constant preoccupation for the population throughout the period covered. It is a significant problem for 2/3 of the population.

Air pollution and road safety problems are seen as a major cause of concern but this has not increased significantly over the last decade. By contrast, the difficulties of getting around in towns and cities, urban noise and safety concerns on public transport are seen as having worsened.

The most surprising observation, however, is the gap that persists between the opinions of elected representatives and their constituents.


  • Nom/Titre : Françoise Mermoud, CETE Lyon - Louise Walther, CETE Mediterranean - Vincent Kaufmann, LATTS-ENPC/EPFL
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Sources : sources Consultation: Documentation Centres – CDU – CDAT and http://www.predit.prd.fr