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Public policies on travel to work


Public policies on travel to work

This research examines the "partnership between local authorities and businesses in public policies on travel to work".

Taking Nantes, Bordeaux, Dunkirk and Saint-Denis as examples, it aims to :

Identify the different forms of participation involving businesses on the basis of an examination of the system of key players and the human, technical and financial resources mobilised.

Analyse the actions arising from involving employers in order to assess the impact of new forms of partnership.

Identify the factors that favour and, conversely, restrict business involvement, looking in particular at the extent to which the technical complexity of transport-related issues constitutes a hindrance or not. The research will also look at examples of the limited room for manoeuvre available to transport authorities, in particular in budgetary terms, and at the impact of the different professional and technical cultures of local authorities and businesses.

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study carried out as part of the PREDIT programme - GO11 - Transport policy.