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Study of the development strategy for fuel cells in the transport sector


The "niche markets strategy" advocated by recent French (the Pan-H Action Plan) and European (Strategy for Deployment of the European HFP Platform) initiatives in the fuel cells sector is a marked departure from traditional strategies based on technological breakthrough.

Its success is reliant on two conditions being fulfilled :

1.The existence of potential synergies between different intermediate markets which can be relied upon to maximise the chances of success and speed up the development and deployment of fuel cells for the final application, the private car ;

2.The implementation of specific coordination methods that will enable potential synergies to be exploited.

This study focuses on an analysis of how these two conditions will be fulfilled :

- Section one sets out a map of potential synergies between cell and battery technologies for different applications ;

- Section two is a functional analysis designed to identify the pertinent coordination methods to be put in place to derive value from these synergies.

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This study is based on four main investigative methods:
- A review of the literature on the subject and Internet searches;
- A series of interviews with the main players in the French fuel cell sector;
- Quality control carried out with a fuel cell expert;
- In-depth interactions with a steering committee made up of the main institutional players in the sector.

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PREDIT no. 04 MT 5040 (Group no. 10)


- An analytical framework for the niche markets strategy and the underlying learning curve in the fuel cell sector;
- An analysis of the types of synergy in the fuel cell sector and their dynamics;
- A systematic evaluation of synergies in the fuel cell sector, taking account of all the possible relationships between fuel cell applications and technologies;
- A proposed succession plan for fuel cell applications based on explicit hypotheses and an appreciation of technological barriers;
- An analytical framework for the management structure to be put in place in the fuel cell sector;
- A systematic analysis of the management structure to be put in place, based on the essential functions this structure will be asked to cover;
- An international review of best practices for each of these functions;
- A proposal for the management structure to be put in place in the fuel cell sector.


  • Nom/Titre : Philippe Larrue
  • Organisme : Technopolis
  • Adresse : 55, rue des petites Ecuries 75010 Paris
  • Email : philippe.larrue@technopolis-group.com
  • Contact ministère : Michel Muffat - MTETM / DRAST / MT