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The concept of large-scale Demand-Responsive-Transport (DRT) Definition and recommendations


The special features of France as regards the organisation of transport mean that DRT is only very rarely organised on a large scale but tends rather to be divided up into small services on the model of administrative subdivisions. Organising large-scale demand-responsive transport would make it possible to make savings.
This study comes within an international setting that paves the way for future European co-operation on this subject.

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“Large-scale” demand-responsive transport has not been defined in detail for the time being, although work on large-scale DRT has been carried out in Europe. The aim was to isolate large-scale DRT from other forms of DRT and to propose a definition and a method for defining it. The idea is also to show that the definition of large-scale DRT is very strongly influenced by selection criteria.


  • Nom/Titre : Élodie Castex and Didier Josselin
  • Organisme : Université d'Avignon et des pays du Vaucluse
  • Email : Elodie.castex@univ-avignon.fr et didier.josselin@univ-avignon.fr
  • Contact ministère : Robert Clavel - Certu - tel. 04 72 74 59 48 - e-mail: robert.clavel@equipement.gouv.fr