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Predit, Gart and Certu have decided to set up a “Club for Innovations in Local Authority Transport” (Club innovations transports des collectivités) intended to put key players in contact with one another and collect information required for linking research to the needs of local authorities.

The "Club for Innovations in Local Authority Transport" is open to all local authorities and aims to identify their needs and any changes in their requirements for research projects.

This website is intended to:

  • Present, by subject area, experiments or research carried out or in progress concerning innovations in transport in France and the rest of Europe
  • Post calls for proposals from Predit and supply online reply forms
  • Help you share your experience: the club

Latest documents available online

  • Single pricing for interurban public transport in France - (07/01/11)
  • The départements in France are public transport authorities for regular and school services. Different départements have always operated different fare policies. However, more and more departmental councillors – keen to attract more passengers to their interurban transport networks – are opting for the implementation of a simple, appealing fare system: single pricing. ...Read more
  • Users and the information provided by urban public transport networks - (07/01/11)
  • The general trends with regard to travel information are marked by an intellectualisation of, and an increasing abstraction in, the use of urban public transport (a reduced human presence on networks, the ever greater role played by technology in public transport, increasingly broad and complex fare structures, etc.). ...Read more